Monday, October 19, 2009

Not Just Baskets

The next time you reach for your dishes, flip it over. Many of the dishes in our cabinets these days are made in China. It is not something I wanted for my family. We use our dishes everyday, and several times of day. I just did not want to serve food one more time on those dishes. I found that Longaberger were made in the U.S.A. The people that make the dishes actually live in here. At a time like this especially I want to make sure I keep my money going to other families here in the U. S. The dishes are beautiful and are great for everyday.

If you want more for your family...start collecting quality dishes


  1. I LOVE these dishes...I will have to check out the website. My dishes are multicolored in the Tuscan colors and are very heavy. We visited friends in Idaho and she had the same dishes. They are called NORTH CREST and can only be purchased from the store. I just flipped them over and discovered they were made in China! So thanks for the suggestion!

  2. Just checked out the Longaberger website...those dishes are gorgeous, but $248 for a 4 piece set is more than I want to spend. I would have to have at least an 8 piece setting, so that is over $ least not now, not before the Holidays...beautiful stuff though...